Life Cycles In April

It’s hard to believe that April is already here!  It will be a very busy month at Brenwood.  Students will be visiting Dahlonega Gold Mine for an exciting and educational day.  They will experience the thrill of gold panning and discover the history of how mining affected different parts of the United States.
In class, students will be learning about different life cycles.  They will watch caterpillars hatch into butterflies, and they will also be hatching chicks!  Students will take complete responsibility as far as researching the process of incubation and charting the growth development of the chicks.  They will also come up with a plan of how to take care of the chicks once they hatch.
I can’t wait to watch these young learners take charge of this experience!

Endangered Animal App February Projects

The elementary students are in the midst of completing an endangered animal research project.  They are each creating an app designed to inform users of the endangered animal of their choice.  Students are learning about the white rhino, the mountain gorilla, the mexican wolf and many more endangered animals.
Last week, we were visited by a boa constrictor named Nicola, a western hognose snake named Digglet, and an axolotl named Barry.  If you don’t know what an axolotl is, please look it up.  They are amazing.
Next month, all students will begin to learn the recorder!  It will be exciting to watch these young students turn into little musicians.

November’s Happenings Australian Travels

The students are currently preparing to take a trip around the world with Queensland, Australia as the grand destination.  They are busy learning about the landscape, culture, and government of Australia as well as the land animals native to Australia and the Great Barrier reef.  They will be creating brochures about Queensland and will each choose one particular aspect to be an “expert” in.  As a group, the students voted to take this trip by cruise ship (This trip really exists!).  We are in the middle of planning out exact routes, stops along the way, and figuring out the cost per person.  They will all be Australian experts by the end of the unit.  Good-day-mate!

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