Happy New Year 2012

Dear Families:

We wish you a wonderful and safe new year!  The school year is half over and there is much to do.  We eagerly look forward to everyone returning to school.

Temperatures are much warmer then a year ago this time,  but very cool weather is coming.  We try each day to get outdoors, if the temperatures are appropriate.  This is the season for children to wear their coats to school and dress appropriately to play outdoors.  Please put their name in their coat.  If you do not want to label the neck tag, a good place to write it is on the sleeve lining or sew a ribbon or button on the tag this  makes identifying their coat unique, without using their name.

Please remember to check WSB-TV and 11 Alive for any posts of the center having a late opening or closing.  You can also check the website if there is a threat of bad weather.  We will try to communicate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

For those in the Georgia Pre K program, please remember that it ends at the end of April.  We are offering a private pre-k program in May called, “Pre-K in May.”  If you haven’t registered, please do so now.  There are a few spots remaining and we will have some additional flexibility during there 20 days to present expanded  pre-kindergarten readiness skills.  Please contact Rachael, our receptionist for more information.  Don’t wait!!

Brenwood Academy will be offering the following classes for the school year 2012-2013:

  • Transitional Kindergarten – This program is for children that will be 5 by November 1st or are 5 years of age and not ready for Kindergarten this coming fall.  They may need another year to develop emotionally and socially in a strong academic program but in a more appropriate setting, allowing them to mature.  This class will run traditional school hours with a short rest time after lunch.  A certified teacher will lead instruction and the class will have a low teacher to student ratio.
  • Transitional First Grade – Often children complete Kindergarten but they really need another year of preparation before they are ready to meet the tremendous demands that are presented to them in first grade.  This gives those children an opportunity to focus on the areas they still need to develop, recapture a love of learning, and develop the strong foundational elements that will help them meet first grade with greater success.
  • Kindergarten, First and Second  Grade classrooms are planned.  More information about these classes are on the website.  Instruction in these classrooms will focus on strong language and math development and cutting edge technology with all other areas of instruction and standards covered in an atmosphere promoting creativity and imagination.

Please encourage other Brenwood families to register for the “Parents Area” of the website, if they have not done so.  This gives them greater access to what is happening at the center.

Many thanks for referring friends and neighbors to Brenwood Academy.  We have some wonderful new families joining our already special Brenwood Family.

Thank you again for sharing your children with us.  We eagerly  look forward to seeing you each day!

Happy New Year,

Mary Dean Townsend, Head of School