Brenwood Academy will be offering the following classes for the school year 2012-2013

Transitional Kindergarten

This program is for children that will be 5 by November 1st or are 5 years of age and not ready for Kindergarten this coming fall.  They may need another year to develop emotionally and socially in a strong academic program but in a more appropriate setting, allowing them to mature.  This class will run traditional school hours with a short rest time after lunch.  A certified teacher will lead instruction and the class will have a low teacher to student ratio.

Transitional First Grade

Often children complete Kindergarten but they really need another year of preparation before they are ready to meet the tremendous demands that are presented to them in first grade.  This gives those children an opportunity to focus on the areas they still need to develop, recapture a love of learning, and develop the strong foundational elements that will help them meet first grade with greater success.

Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Classrooms are planned.

Instruction in these classrooms will focus on strong language and math development and cutting edge technology with all other areas of instruction and standards covered in an atmosphere promoting creativity and imagination.