Three’s Classroom Newsletter

Teachers Corner

This week we planned to sort and group balls with the ones each child brought, but not everyone remembered, so we need you to help us by bringing these items for your child’s full participation. We managed and had great fun. This week we were all about sports. We kicked balls, played basketball, talked about our favorite sports, and played “over and under” with the balls. We read books about sports and graphed balls.

Show and Share

This Friday, the 16th the show and share is a shape. It is a SQUARE.  Bring something that is this shape.  Remember it must fit in your cubbie!

Learning Focus for March 12-16

The focus is Creepy Crawlies. We are making a special concoction of edible dirt and worms.  If we can have a few volunteers to purchase Oreo cookies, we will provide the rest.  Please let us know if you could volunteer to bring some.   The kids love this week.

Question of the Week

Can you help your child when you play outside to try somethings they maybe haven’t before?

For example:

  • Jump forward with both feet together
  • Bounce a ball to them and help them learn to catch
  • Can they hop on the right foot and then the left foot five times?

These are a few skills that are developmentally appropriate for children to be working on.CHEER THEM!!


We have an informal  gathering on  Wednesday, March 21st, 2012  at 9 a.m. for those registered for Georgia Pre-K. 
We are fortunate to have a lot of space for Georgia Pre-K.  Please share with friends that might be on a “wait list” somewhere else.

Student Spotlight

Kassidy Eno

She has been at Brenwood since she was 4 or 5 months old.  She loves to read, dress up and be a “girlie girl”, and play princess things. Her greatest joy is playing with her big brothers.  Her favorite foods are quesadillas and yogurt.  She loves Waffle House.

Nolan Sheldon

He has been at Brenwood  since he was one and he will be in PreK in the fall.  His favorite things are baseball, watching football.   He cheers for the Florida Gators.  He loves to eat everything, but chicken nuggets and French fries are his favorite meal.  He enjoys hanging out with the family and playing with his baby brother.