Brenwood Academy Information Gathering for Pre-K

Dear Pre-K Families,

Have you been to one of Brenwood Academy’s Pre-K Information Sessions?  If so, thank you for coming!  We have enjoyed getting to know each family better.  If not, we hope you will join us at our next gathering.

The year is winding down, with summer in sight.  Many of you have plans for Spring Break and Summer coming up.  Join us Wednesday before Spring Break for a brief orientation, question & answer session, tour, and activity for your child.

If you have friends and neighbors that are on Pre-K “wait lists” at other locations, please share the good news of Brenwood Academy with them.  We have space available!  Please feel free to bring a friend to our next open house, or invite them to call or come for a tour.

Our next gathering at Brenwood Academy is on:

Wednesday, March 28th at 9:00 a.m.

This will include a child-centered activity.  Our current Pre-K students and teachers will be here in session, giving you the opportunity to observe a typical Pre-K day.

It is important that you please RSVP at

  • Phone: 770-704-4925
  • Come by the office
  • Email mary@brenwoodacademy
  • or the registration form here…

so we can have the necessary arrangements made for your child.  We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you,




Mary Townsend

Head of School

Brenwood Academy