Three’s Classroom Newsletter May

Teachers Corner

This month let’s celebrate our Moms! We will be making special Mother’s Day crafts and look forward to sharing extra hugs and kisses our moms!

Show and Share

Every Friday! Please remember the item must fit in your cubbie!

Learning Focus for May

The focus for this month is flowers and insects. We will also be learning about life cycles, and watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies!

This Week

This week help your child see visual similarities and differences.  Find something while out and about and point out to a child and see if they can find something similar. Do the same with differences. Another activity is sorting items into similar groups, like different shapes of pasta.  Give it a try.  Remember don’t do it for them.  They are learning.


Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Graduation will take place on Saturday, May 19th beginning at 9:30am.

Student Spotlight

Sidney Todd

Sidney loves to swing, play with balls, play with her baby dolls and likes to cook.  Her favorite foods are fruit, cheese, noodles and chocolate milk.  She enjoys going places and is full of energy.  She is usually smiling and makes her family laugh

Nickolas Shakespeare

Nickolas loves to play with trains, go see trains…trains, trains, trains!  His favorite foods are chicken nuggets, chocolate, ice cream and waffles.  He has two cats named Kali and Jet.   He is the “sonshine” of his parent’s lives.  If he could go somewhere special it would be to see trains.  We are talking real trains…perhaps a future engineer.