ROI On Early Childhood Education

Perry Preschool findings How can we as parents possibly place a value on what a preschool environment actually has on our children.  We often question, why are we putting so much effort into classes for our children at such an early phase when we should be investing in and saving for their college education.  Perhaps we as parents have that philosophy somewhat reversed.

Brain development continues for an extended period postnatally. The brain increases in size by four-fold during the preschool period, reaching approximately 90% of adult volume by age 6.  With 90% of brain development and growth occurring in the preschool age, it is extremely critical to make the right choice for development.

A few excerpts from other resources suggest the following return:

The HighScope Perry Preschool Study, found that individuals who were enrolled in a quality preschool program ultimately earned up to $2,000 more per month than those who were not. Young people who were in preschool programs are more likely to graduate from high school, to own homes, and have longer marriages.

Early childhood education makes good economic sense, as well. In Early Childhood Development: Economic Development with a High Public Return, a high-ranking Federal Reserve Bank official pegs its return on investment at 12 percent, after inflation.

Brenwood Academy has by far pulled out the stops that are required to create a stimulating and educational environment for children ages infants through 3rd Grade Private School in Canton, GA.   Our private school setting has developed a project based learning environment with a multi-age classroom.  Our teaching philosophy alone has allowed children to transition from several different tutoring and help centers, to a place where individualization and assessments can nurture the academic needs of our students.  With an abundance of resources for each of our classrooms, spacious outdoor playgrounds, a developing garden center area, and a spacious  indoor gym facility, Brenwood Academy ranks as one of the best preschools and early elementary private schools in Cherokee County.