Every year at this time we concern ourselves about what we are going to get our children for Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holidays and special occasions, including crazy schedules, parties, family events, and cooking. Last week my daughter and I packed up, delivered, and donated school supplies from the Brenwood Academy annual Breakfast with Santa Event, to The “Path To Shine” Organization at Scott’s Mill Chapel. This charitable experience was a little more personal than ones I have experienced in the past, and reminded me of the insignificance of typical holiday worry.

Scott’s Mill is a small chapel in Canton in a busy urban part of town. We were greeted by the welcoming volunteers, who directed us to the bus stop where the children were coming home from school. My daughter and I walked them through their neighborhood to the chapel surprised to be greeted by the happiest and most loving children. In their eyes we were the different ones.

At the chapel the children were greeted warmly with a song, a craft, a snack and many hugs. They were given assistance with homework as needed individually by retired teacher volunteers, filled with gratitude and relief for the help they received.

Life has experiential learning when we least expect it. Watching my 11 year old absorb the lessons of love and sacrifice from the children and volunteers at “Path To Shine” gave us the greatest gifts we could experience. Holiday magic was renewed for both of us.

Your generous donations, and participation in our Breakfast With Santa created a continuous ripple of hope, joy, and love throughout this season. I see small acts of kindness in the same aspect from parents and teachers throughout our school every day.

Thank you to Brenwood Academy for all your donations and allowing us to represent the school with veracity and present these families and children with your generous donations. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

As promised, the winner of our Ice Cream Party Contest is Ms. Ashley’s Pre-K 3 class.