• 3 year olds child care services at Brenwood in Canton Georgia

The Three year old Program at Brenwood Academy is high in fun, play, learning, and individual development, with an emphasis on structure for pre-k readiness, and low teacher to child ratios.  This assures your developing young child lots of specialized and individual attention.

Children in this age group are helpful, pleasant and eager to please.  They need to be challenged, and taught to appreciate themselves and the world around them.  Friendships are developed and competitiveness is abundant.  Bodies are growing and capable of performing many more unusual feats than before.  Active play, both inside with small manipulatives, puzzles, games, toys, and outside on riding toys and climbing structures allows children in this age group to develop both physically and socially.  Creative arts and craft activities begin with more advanced mediums and and tools to allow children to develop their senses of touch, sight, smell and taste, while providing measuring skills, counting, and artistic creativity.

Many problem solving skills will be introduced and expanded on to nurture self confidence, and strengthen the thought process.  Basic math, and reading and writing skills will be introduced along with phonics, language, art and music.  Dramatic play, computer skills and games, and group interactions are stressed.  Areas for quiet, independent play is provided and is given as much importance as group play.

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