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Teaching Gratefulness #Brenwoodgratefulnesschallenge

This week my son came home from school and was excited to tell me about their exercise on being thankful in class.  He said, “Mom the teacher asked us in class today what we were thankful for.”  With the sweetest grin on his face, my first thought was to prepare myself for a special mother […]

Giving Back to Your School; Goal Scholarship

School of choice is a concept that has been in circulation for decades.  Learning, children, and paths to success for our children do not fit into a simple one-size-fits-all box, and while positive aspects of both public and private school abound, the need for alternative learning styles presents itself.  Individualized learning plans for proper growth […]

Anxieties In Starting A New School Year

As a child, one of the most monumental moments of your life is the start of school. There is so much excitement that builds up about being part of a classroom, picking out the perfect backpack, riding the bus, and making new friends. With all of this anticipation often comes anxiety, illness, and exhaustion which […]

Enrollment Decisions for April 2017

Enrollment decisions for Fall 2017 are on the table, so what is the difference between private Pre-K versus GA Pre-K.   Being a part of the value of Brenwood Academy, one of the top GA Pre-K centers in Canton, it becomes critical to help parents understand why tuition payments for our private program is an invaluable […]

Life Cycles In April

It’s hard to believe that April is already here!  It will be a very busy month at Brenwood.  Students will be visiting Dahlonega Gold Mine for an exciting and educational day.  They will experience the thrill of gold panning and discover the history of how mining affected different parts of the United States. In class, […]

Endangered Animal App February Projects

The elementary students are in the midst of completing an endangered animal research project.  They are each creating an app designed to inform users of the endangered animal of their choice.  Students are learning about the white rhino, the mountain gorilla, the mexican wolf and many more endangered animals. Last week, we were visited by […]

“Giving Back” Over the Holidays

BRENWOOD “GIVING BACK” THEME OVER THE HOLIDAYS Our School will be partnering with Becky Beckner from Provisions Today to support an organization called Path to Shine and Children from their Canton Office.  Path To Shine provides mentoring and tutoring support for at-risk elementary school students. With 1 mentor for every 2 children Path To Shine seeks to […]

November’s Happenings Australian Travels

The students are currently preparing to take a trip around the world with Queensland, Australia as the grand destination.  They are busy learning about the landscape, culture, and government of Australia as well as the land animals native to Australia and the Great Barrier reef.  They will be creating brochures about Queensland and will each […]

Combating Fall Illness

The season for colds, flu, and viruses has arrived once again at Brenwood Academy.  It’s normal you say? We understand and relate to the frustrations that parents have this time of year as the directors are parents as well.  It is, unfortunately, a normal part of having a child in school or childcare and as […]