Three’s Classroom Newsletter May

Teachers Corner

This month let’s celebrate our Moms! We will be making special Mother’s Day crafts and look forward to sharing extra hugs and kisses our moms!

Show and Share

Every Friday! Please remember the item must fit in your cubbie!

Learning Focus for May

The focus for this month is flowers and insects. We will also be learning about life cycles, and watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies!

This Week

This week help your child see visual similarities and differences.  Find something while out and about and point out to a child and see if they can find something similar. Do the same with differences. Another activity is sorting items into similar groups, like different shapes of pasta.  Give it a try.  Remember don’t do it for them.  They are learning.


Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Graduation will take place on Saturday, May 19th beginning at 9:30am.

Student Spotlight

Sidney Todd

Sidney loves to swing, play with balls, play with her baby dolls and likes to cook.  Her favorite foods are fruit, cheese, noodles and chocolate milk.  She enjoys going places and is full of energy.  She is usually smiling and makes her family laugh

Nickolas Shakespeare

Nickolas loves to play with trains, go see trains…trains, trains, trains!  His favorite foods are chicken nuggets, chocolate, ice cream and waffles.  He has two cats named Kali and Jet.   He is the “sonshine” of his parent’s lives.  If he could go somewhere special it would be to see trains.  We are talking real trains…perhaps a future engineer.

Three’s Classroom Newsletter

Teachers Corner

This week we planned to sort and group balls with the ones each child brought, but not everyone remembered, so we need you to help us by bringing these items for your child’s full participation. We managed and had great fun. This week we were all about sports. We kicked balls, played basketball, talked about our favorite sports, and played “over and under” with the balls. We read books about sports and graphed balls.

Show and Share

This Friday, the 16th the show and share is a shape. It is a SQUARE.  Bring something that is this shape.  Remember it must fit in your cubbie!

Learning Focus for March 12-16

The focus is Creepy Crawlies. We are making a special concoction of edible dirt and worms.  If we can have a few volunteers to purchase Oreo cookies, we will provide the rest.  Please let us know if you could volunteer to bring some.   The kids love this week.

Question of the Week

Can you help your child when you play outside to try somethings they maybe haven’t before?

For example:

  • Jump forward with both feet together
  • Bounce a ball to them and help them learn to catch
  • Can they hop on the right foot and then the left foot five times?

These are a few skills that are developmentally appropriate for children to be working on.CHEER THEM!!


We have an informal  gathering on  Wednesday, March 21st, 2012  at 9 a.m. for those registered for Georgia Pre-K. 
We are fortunate to have a lot of space for Georgia Pre-K.  Please share with friends that might be on a “wait list” somewhere else.

Student Spotlight

Kassidy Eno

She has been at Brenwood since she was 4 or 5 months old.  She loves to read, dress up and be a “girlie girl”, and play princess things. Her greatest joy is playing with her big brothers.  Her favorite foods are quesadillas and yogurt.  She loves Waffle House.

Nolan Sheldon

He has been at Brenwood  since he was one and he will be in PreK in the fall.  His favorite things are baseball, watching football.   He cheers for the Florida Gators.  He loves to eat everything, but chicken nuggets and French fries are his favorite meal.  He enjoys hanging out with the family and playing with his baby brother.

The Brenwood Branch | February

private schools near meA Message from Mary | February

Dear Families:

It is nearing the end of February.  The time since Thanksgiving and Christmas has gone by quickly and even Valentine’s Day!  The children loved celebrating Valentine’s Day with the exchanging of individual Valentine’s!  The decorating of Valentine boxes and bags and the sweets that goes with this celebration of loving one another.

The First Open House For Parents a Success

Today, February 22, 2012 was the first Open House for parents that have already registered at Brenwood Academy for the lottery funded GA Pre K 2012-2013.  We had a tremendous turnout and the time together included an overview of the lottery-funded program, a look at the curriculum and spending time in a GA Pre K classroom to understand how it is laid out and what a typical day is like.  We also toured the playground and gymnasium so parents and those children that attended had some fun time getting some exercise.

Pre-K in May

Brenwood Academy’s lottery-funded Georgia Pre-K Program ends on Friday, April 27th.  We are offering to our current Georgia Pre-K parents and to those in the community whose Pre-K program ends at the same time, another program on campus.

Register NOW!

Brenwood Academy will be offering the following classes for the school year 2012-2013

NEW Text Message Option

Receive important updates from Brenwood Academy by signing up to receive text messages.


We would really love to share your thoughts and comments with interested new parents. Please take just a moment and fill out the comment area. We appreciate your participation.

Stay Current

Stay Current with Updates and Events. Enjoy sharing your thoughts with other Parents and Our Staff. Use the links  to get involved!  Facebook and Twitter

Celebrating Our Students

In March we will be celebrating the following birthdays!

Take a moment to see the photos from Kassie’s Birthday!

Happy New Year 2012

Dear Families:

We wish you a wonderful and safe new year!  The school year is half over and there is much to do.  We eagerly look forward to everyone returning to school.

Temperatures are much warmer then a year ago this time,  but very cool weather is coming.  We try each day to get outdoors, if the temperatures are appropriate.  This is the season for children to wear their coats to school and dress appropriately to play outdoors.  Please put their name in their coat.  If you do not want to label the neck tag, a good place to write it is on the sleeve lining or sew a ribbon or button on the tag this  makes identifying their coat unique, without using their name.

Please remember to check WSB-TV and 11 Alive for any posts of the center having a late opening or closing.  You can also check the website if there is a threat of bad weather.  We will try to communicate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

For those in the Georgia Pre K program, please remember that it ends at the end of April.  We are offering a private pre-k program in May called, “Pre-K in May.”  If you haven’t registered, please do so now.  There are a few spots remaining and we will have some additional flexibility during there 20 days to present expanded  pre-kindergarten readiness skills.  Please contact Rachael, our receptionist for more information.  Don’t wait!!

Brenwood Academy will be offering the following classes for the school year 2012-2013:

  • Transitional Kindergarten – This program is for children that will be 5 by November 1st or are 5 years of age and not ready for Kindergarten this coming fall.  They may need another year to develop emotionally and socially in a strong academic program but in a more appropriate setting, allowing them to mature.  This class will run traditional school hours with a short rest time after lunch.  A certified teacher will lead instruction and the class will have a low teacher to student ratio.
  • Transitional First Grade – Often children complete Kindergarten but they really need another year of preparation before they are ready to meet the tremendous demands that are presented to them in first grade.  This gives those children an opportunity to focus on the areas they still need to develop, recapture a love of learning, and develop the strong foundational elements that will help them meet first grade with greater success.
  • Kindergarten, First and Second  Grade classrooms are planned.  More information about these classes are on the website.  Instruction in these classrooms will focus on strong language and math development and cutting edge technology with all other areas of instruction and standards covered in an atmosphere promoting creativity and imagination.

Please encourage other Brenwood families to register for the “Parents Area” of the website, if they have not done so.  This gives them greater access to what is happening at the center.

Many thanks for referring friends and neighbors to Brenwood Academy.  We have some wonderful new families joining our already special Brenwood Family.

Thank you again for sharing your children with us.  We eagerly  look forward to seeing you each day!

Happy New Year,

Mary Dean Townsend, Head of School










Fall in Full Glory

There is a chill in the air and winter is coming but for now we have a beautiful Fall that we can enjoy. The trees are gorgeous and the red maples are stunning. Please look around before the beautiful foliage has fallen to the ground. If you haven’t seen the “Leaf People” in the lobby, please make sure to look around. They are creations from our very talented Georgia PreK students.

So many of you have asked about Bettina Crenshaw. She has appreciated your prayers, thoughts and concern. She has really struggled with her illness but she is doing much better. If you would like to send a card, please bring to the office and we will deliver them to the house. She misses all of you and she especially misses the children.

We hope that adding a parent’s section to the website gives you an updated calendar, newsletter, photos of the children, as well as some of the latest artwork they have created. The menu will be updated weekly.

Please let us know if you have a question.

Thank you so much for entrusting us with your beautiful children.

Mary Dean Townsend, Head of School