Do Toddlers Really Need Structured Exercise and Workouts?

You may be wondering why anyone would think of exercises for toddlers. After all, aren’t they already super-active? You the answer to that is a big “YES” from trying to keep up with them every day. What we’re talking about here, however, is being more deliberate about your toddler’s activity. The goal is to instill in your child a lifetime appreciation for exercise to maintain health and avoid weight issues as they grow. This is especially important for children from families predisposed to obesity. Starting early can break this cycle for your child.

Let take a closer look at the importance of structured exercise for toddlers. The following post is a good place to start the discussion:

How Important is Exercise for Toddlers?

Most parents and can barely keep up with little ones when it comes to activity and energy. They are always running, jumping and moving around.

We may think that toddlers get more than enough exercise.

However, obesity among the ages of 6 -10 is on the rise and reports show the physical activity that your toddler engages in can have a drastic impact on their health as they mature into adulthood.

Parents need to be involved and help organize daily fitness even for young children.

How much time do physicians recommend?

Which activities should parents participate in? Read more at…

Both structured and unstructured exercise schedules are recommended for children to ensure they are physically fit. In addition, physical exercise at an early age will contribute to healthy growth as well as increased cognitive development and social skills.

One of the keys to making structured exercise a regular part of your child’s life is keeping it fun and varied. For instance, get outside your home when you can. Workout in the park, at the beach or at a gym facility. The following post highlights one special gym that caters to children between the ages of six weeks(!) and eight years:

Nutrition and exercise tips to keep toddlers from becoming overweight, obese

It’s a toddler’s dream come true. A room filled with trampolines, forts and ball pits and nothing is off limits to them.

“It’s really designed to engage them and keep their attention in short spans,” said Christin Schifflett, the owner of MyGym.

Schifflett owns three MyGyms in Crofton, Annapolis and Columbia. The gym is designed just for kids, from as young as six weeks old to the age of eight.

“We’ll work on balance, tumbling, agility, hanging, and upper body strength. We do a lot of core development,” Schifflett said.

Apart from physical exercise, you should also devote time to mental exercises for your child. This will enhance their cognitive development and ability to retain memories. Learn more in the following post:

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Memory game for children

Helping Young Children Develop a Stronger Memory

As young minds expand, they tend to remember some things and forget others. The small-sized brains of babies may fail to retain vital things that are crucial for their overall development. These simple exercises to increase memory power will make them remember better.

When was the first time you touched a balloon? What was the shape of your first birthday cake? Rack your brains as hard as you can, but pretty sure you’ll land a zero recall. The same rings true for your little one too. Memories are crucial when your child’s mind is expanding and exploring; they serve as building blocks for his development. Here are some research-backed strategies to help him along this path.

As you’ve seen, it’s important to have a deliberate plan to ensure your child grows up healthy and strong — both physically and mentally. This is best facilitated by accessing people and programs that can help, which includes enrolling your child in an outstanding preschool.

At Spanish for fun!, we are committed to providing your child an environment that fosters holistic growth. Our play-based teaching method has a natural activity component that meets the exercise goals discussed in this post as well as advancing social and cognitive abilities.

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