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The Infant Program is developed for children from 6 weeks of age to 12 months. However, children up to 18 months who are not yet walking unassisted will continue to be cared for in the infant area. Infant care is provided assuring the maximum amount of safety and comfort available.

Care-givers at Brenwood Academy take the time to supplement the home experiences and individuality that comes with every child, by requesting infant care plans written specifically by each parent.  These plans are carried out with special care and consideration throughout the day.

Changes take place far more rapidly in infants than any other period of life. Social interaction with our infants and care-givers is strongly emphasized.  Activities are introduced to increase self-awareness with the infants and young toddlers in this program as well as development in eye-hand skills and motor milestones.  Language development and communication are enhanced through music, talk, laughter, and sign-language.   Physical, spatial, and temporal awareness is focused on with the use of toys, and infant outdoor playground attached to the room, art projects, and exploratory walks in our infant buggies.  The time spent with the infants relating to their individual expression of feelings, is the most important focus of their development at Brenwood Academy.

Parents will receive hour by hour updates from care-givers through our Life-Cubby parent portal.  We strive to communicate all engagement with your child throughout the day including, naps, changes, and periodical photos.

Let us provide a safe, clean, and warm environment for care and learning  for your welcome addition.

Wobblers and Toddlers

The Wobbler and Toddler Programs are developed for children over 12 months that are walking unassisted and up to age 2.  Children who turn 3 years old during the year will be transferred to the Three year old Program based on space availability and approval of the parent and director.

Children under the age of two thrive on exploration and creativity.  They enjoy fantasy and are therefore encouraged to be free in their productive play.  Teachers help to develop cooperative learning and sharing, to stretch imaginations and to assist the children in reaching their individual creative potentials.  Many opportunities are given to the children to figure things out for themselves, building self esteem and strengthening the thought process.  Indoor and outdoor play is extensively used to enhance and supplement the curriculum that is shared each day.  Our gymnasium, the barn, is a safe and warm recreational facility that is available for our wobblers and toddlers to have free play time throughout the day.

Our Life-Cubby system is also used to communicate to parents throughout the day to provide progression and accountability for potty-training that is mastered in our two’s class and begins as early as our wobblers class.

Basic instruction is provided in areas such as classification, numbers, recognition of symbols, and social interaction.  Unstructured materials for art, music, dance, and dramatic play are available to enable the child to enjoy the process of creating their own ideas and solving their own problems.

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