Solar Eclipse- Late Release 3pm

Dismissal Changes

Cherokee county schools are holding students an additional 30-45 minutes and we will follow a similar pattern for dismissal on that date.

We will release Lottery Pre-k and Private program students at 3:00 p.m. (all classes).  There will be no car-pool line at the front door until 3:00 p.m.  There is no additional cost to families for staying the extra time.

Any parent that wants to pick up their student early will park, and come in to the lobby to check their student out.  This will be considered an excused early dismissal or absence if you choose to stay at home for this historic event.

School buses will also be dropping of ASP students from Macedonia, and our pickup at Avery will also be delayed 30 minutes with students arriving at approximately 3pm.

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow our students to be outside to view the solar eclipse due to liability and safety issues during this time.

However, we have outlined below our fun day planned at school to educate the children about what is going on:

  1. Dress Up Day at school!!! Be as creative as you want to be and come as your favorite space character or martian.  Please be respectful and do not wear scary costumes to school.
  2. Participate in a classroom lesson to educate our students of the event that is occurring.
  3. Art-work or craft project constructed in each class.
  4. Provide live feeds to the event where applicable for the classrooms.
  5. A fun afternoon snack, after 2pm, in each class of Moon Pies and Capri Suns.


Please contact Mindy Anderson or Victoria Broyles with questions, or you may call at 770-704-4925.