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Parent’s frustrations are on a rise throughout the US with the issues facing our national curriculum state standards of common core. Dr. Lilian G. Katz is Professor Emerita of Early Childhood Education at the University of Illinois, explains intellectual dispositions may be weakened or even damaged by excessive and premature focus on academic goals.

Brenwood Academy is a state of the art Private School, spacious and bright. What makes us different, you ask? Brenwood Academy offers a safe, nurturing, 10:1 teacher ratio for K-5th.  It is a fun environment for children to learn and develop at their own pace.

Our problem based teaching pedagogy creates an active learning environment. Problem Based Learning shifts the Brendwood Academy testimonialfocus from “blocked” based instruction to a practice of activating students’ desire to learn and providing them with an engaged classroom where learners have choices and a voice. Problem based learning often starts with questions rather than the delivery of information. Subject matter is important, however teachers design curriculum around a problem solving process.

Our classroom structure is a “blended” classroom style with varying age groups combined together.  This concept allows children to develop based on their individual learning levels.   An advanced pre-k student can grow from exposure to higher learning opportunities through exposure to older students, and older students have potential to implement reiteration and leadership teaching opportunities to students that are below their age level.

At Brenwood Academy, we want our students to be deep thinkers. This actually comes naturally to children. They are always asking “why” and wondering about different situations. Public schools may only have 50 minutes for a subject and it is difficult to engage deeply in that time frame.  At Brenwood Academy, students are immersed in learning and subjects overlap each other continually.  If a Brenwood student were to be asked what he/she did in science or math class, they most likely would not know how to answer, because the philosophy of problem based learning is to blend subjects across the school day.

Teachers have time for teachable moments and student questions often lead to new discoveries. The high quality of Problem Based Learning at Brenwood Academy is exciting, exploratory, student centered, and most importantly an effective way for children to grow and learn based on his/her individual learning style and interests.

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